Hi I'm Jaymi

I’m a counsellor, writer, advocate, dancer, musician with an absolute passion for helping others cultivate a deeper understanding of the ‘Self’.  

I have always had a passion for performing arts and my mother enrolled me into my first dancing, acting and singing classes when I was just 2 years old. From there, I danced, acted and sang my way through primary school, high school and local theatre productions. Eventually, I progressed from jazz, tap, ballet and contemporary dance to ballroom dancing and I competed for a number of years around Australia. 

After I left school, the passion for music and dance was still strong but I thought I had better forge a stronger career path in a field that was actually going to make me some money. I began studying a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of South Australia, and majored in Performing Arts and Public Relations.

During my studies I was writing music frivolously and found this process to be especially cathartic and therapeutic. The writing process was organic and changed every time I had an idea that stemmed from a thought or an emotion. I absolutely loved this! It helped me to work through a very traumatic family breakdown and the breakup of my first relationship. Doing something that came quite naturally to me; expressing myself creatively became my very own personal brand of medication and therapy, as the very concept of seeking help for ones’ mental health was seen as a negative and frowned upon, even by those closest to me

Not Really Sure Where I Was Going...

I added a Bachelor of Laws to my education and I found this especially challenging but immensely rewarding.  My family and friends had always told me that I was someone that would stand up for their rights and fight for worthwhile causes and this seemed to align with everything that I stood for. The skills I learned in this degree, my work as a law clerk, coupled with my performing arts background, definitely helped bring about a confidence and an ability to communicate with many different people who were going through a myriad of challenges. Had I found my calling? I wasn’t sure. 

It all came to a crashing halt when a good friend of mine, (who was like a father to me) died suddenly. I was so lost in my own grief that I did not know how to cope. I also lost my passion for music in this time, because my friend was influential in this space for me and it was too painful as I felt so alone in it. I spent a few years just going through the motions in various hospitality jobs, with a few law subjects hanging over my head. I eventually finished my degree and I cried like an absolute baby when I received my final grade. I had done it! However, I was now left with the thought; what on earth do I do now? 

During this time, I was working at a real estate agency and to say that I did not ethically align with the organisation, was an understatement. I had a lot of unnecessary pressure from my boss and I was also in a relationship where I felt like a bit of a doormat, where my then boyfriend would come and go as he pleased, never really making time for me or our relationship. It was all my fault though, I had allowed this to happen. As I was living from a space of ego, I had cultivated and allowed people and relationships into my life that were also living from an inflated sense of ego. Not to mention, repeating patterns from my first family.

My Rock Bottom...

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My rock bottom eventually came; sitting in a hospital bed under observation. I reflected on how I had got to this point. I realised that for a period of about a year, I had never known a day without crippling anxiety and depression.  I had got myself to a point where I had detrimentally self-medicated, in an attempt to numb the pain I was experiencing. I had lost two-thirds of my hair, I was significantly underweight and I was sick of the way I was living my life and how I had allowed others to treat me. I left my job and my boyfriend the very same day and I have never looked back! 

The one thing that I, unfortunately, had let lapse at this time, was my creative expression. I was gigging around Adelaide in a band, but we were just playing covers and while that was fun I wasn’t writing music anymore. It was after my rockbottom moment that I began to build the foundations of my life’s work. I bought myself a good quality keyboard and began writing music again, I enrolled in a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy at Adelaide University and I began psychotherapeutic work with individuals who had suffered significant trauma and mental health disorders and I absolutely loved it!

I also realised that I could use all of my legal skills, advocating for people who had suffered significantly, but could not for whatever reason speak for themselves. I knew that I had the tools to help others explore their own creative expression, facilitating growth, holding space and helping each individual to better understand their concept of ‘Self’.

People often asked me what I was going to use all of these skills and qualifications for, and then the answer came to me! I could use all of my skills and impart the expressive component that I had found so helpful, but had neglected at a time I most needed it. I believe that creative expression is the key!

What Does This Mean For You?

I have developed psychotherapeutic interventions that can be facilitated in a group setting. My programs allow for creative exploration into the ‘Self’ and help an individual develop a deeper understanding of who they are and why they do what they do.

I also have created a psychotherapy/counselling practice that is a tailored service to suit each individual’s needs, that I can do face-to-face, in person, via Skype or by phone.

How you show up for yourself,  is totally up to you! I’m just offering a platform for you to be able to take inspired action into your own personal development.

So, what are you waiting for?

Summary of Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Journalism
    • Sub-major -Performing Arts
    • Elective – Public Relations
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy
  •  Statement of Attainment for Conduct Auction
  • All DCSI Clearances
    • General Check
    • Aged Care Screening
    • Vulnerable Person Screening
    • Child-Related Screening
    • Disability Services Screening
  • National Police Clearance 7/1/2019
* Please note that I cannot give legal advice.


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