About Me

Hi I'm Jaymi

I spent most of my life trying to fit into a box that others wanted me to be in and fought against my natural creative essence, which has always been writing music, singing, dancing, and performing in some form or another.


I studied performing arts at university, then journalism, then law, and finally psychotherapy and counselling. While I was able to gain skills and nurture my natural abilities through my studies, the most profound experience I had in my own self-healing journey and in guiding others was coming home to my true creative essence.

Embodying the natural creative vessel that I am was the biggest superpower that I ever unlocked! There were no radioactive spiders or kryptonite to help me get that point, other than being over my story and feeling totally disempowered by the therapeutic process.


While I have skills in many different disciplines and worked for several years as a clinician, something was missing for me... the human connection. 

A person who works with me knows what they need to do to uncover their true essence but may have suppressed that natural part of themselves or have listened to too many cooks in the kitchen and got confused along the way. I'm here to help!


Today, I no longer hide behind the label of a therapist, I am a Creative Expressive Mentor, and I am here to help you cultivate your own devotional practices to self-heal!

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