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The Art of Looking at Yourself

About Jaymi

I’m a writer, musician, dancer, and Creative Expressive Mentor that is here to help you understand your creative expressive language, find your purpose, and lead from the heart.

If you want to take radical responsibility for your own self-healing, then you are in the right place!


It's Time To Work It Out !

Is there something holding you back, or something that you know you need to work through before you can take life to the next level? I am here to guide you back to yourself! My online creative expressive mentoring services provide you with insight and the tools you need to understand, acknowledge, and move through feelings, emotions, and behavioural patterns, to radically transform your relationship with 'Self'.


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Understanding what it means to be you !

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Focused on helping you feel calm and relaxed.

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Relax into your body and mind with these classes.

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Tons Of Awesome Services

Harmony, Serenity, Acceptance, Love

Achieve Calmness

We have classes focused on helping you get strong and stable. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Gain Strength

Relax into your body and mind with these classes focused on helping you feel calm and relaxed.

Develop Flexibility

Whether it is bending over to touch your toes or getting into that new inversion, we have classes for you.

Love Yourself

Slow down and take some time for yourself with our loving, nurturing and comforting yoga class.

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Creative Expressive Mentoring


Want to unpack thoughts and behavioural patterns that are no longer serving you? Through one-on-one counselling and tailored psychotherapeutic...

Creative Expressive Mentoring

Want to uncover your own devotional practices to self-heal? By learning how to tap into your inner wisdom, you will learn how to lead yourself.


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